Sophia Barron’s ARC Team

Thank you for stopping by my Advance Reader Copy sign up page!

Do you love broken heroes who fight for their love and dare fate to do it’s damnedest?

Love strong, sassy women who learn it’s okay to accept help–especially from their fated mate?

If you love shifters of all kinds, love broken alpha men who will do anything to be whole, and like bit of mythology with your shifters you’re in the right place!

I’m always looking for new readers who want to read my stories before they’re published…for free. Interested? Please sign up for my ARC team. I’ll send you advance copies of my newest books–a week before their publish day.

1. Don’t share or upload the ARC file.
Feel free to share the ARC team sign up link all you like. Same goes for the link to Instafreebie so folks can get their own copy. Instafreebie helps me manage my ARC program. Simply keep the downloaded file you get from Instafreebie to yourself.

Not interested in the newest book? That’s fine. You don’t have to read it. Don’t have to read anything if you’d rather not. You won’t be kicked off the ARC team for not reading all the books. Or for not reading any books. My focus is on providing Advance copies to interested readers.

Don’t want to leave a review? That’s fine, too. Although I love getting reviews, there’s no requirement for you to leave a review. That said honest reviews: good, bad, in between–tell me what readers like or don’t like so I can make future stories even better.

Every time I have a new book available I’ll send the ARC team members a link to the book on Instafreebie. It’s up to each reader to download if they wish. Or Not if they want to skip that story. If there are freebies for the week or new releases, I’ll include that info as well just to keep everyone up to date. Once Goodreads and Amazon links are live, you’ll receive an email with those included to make it easy to review should you choose to do so. (Sometimes books get ‘shelved’ in the wrong place on Amazon and/or Goodreads so this ensures your reviews end up in the right place!